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A1 Bedrijvenpark

Entrepreneurship at its best on A1 Industrial site Deventer

A1 Industrial site Deventer is part of the Cleantech Region. Innovation and sustainability are intertwined with A1, which wants to become one of the greenest industrial sites in the Netherlands. Forty percent of its total 129 hectares are filled with water and green, there are no gas connections on the industrial site and their ‘own’ wind mills alongside the A1 are being used for the energy supply, among others. The construction of a hydrogen filling station and the possibility to turn the A1 Industrial site into a hub for city distribution are being considered.

Multimodal and international distribution hub
A1 Industrial site Deventer has a direct connection with one of Europe’s most important transport routes. Nearby, the harbour, one of the biggest of the Netherlands in terms of size, a container terminal is expected to have been built in 2020. This will strengthen Deventer’s key position in the Trans-European main network of railways, roads and waterways (TEN-T), with which the international transport of persons and goods can be carried out in the best way possible. From the Randstad to the Ruhr area, Scandinavia to Southern Europe and North-Eastern Europe to the North Sea harbours.

Labour potential
The city has a wide range of renowned educational institutions and (international) consultancy agencies. Deventer’s Technicampus has a regional training centre in which the municipality, education and business life work together. The labour market is flexible and offers well-educated talent at every level.

Entrepreneurship at its best
After all, Deventer has everything it needs to do business in a sustainable and best possible way as a logistical hotspot. For large and small, national and international companies. Near the river and beyond. In the Deventer harbour or on A1 Industrial site Deventer. Lots are directly available. From 0.5 to 10 hectares or more and for a fair price. Deventer offers plenty of opportunities in order to make entrepreneurship at its best possible.