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Ardagh Group

Ardagh Group

Ardagh Group is a market leader in the packaging industry with over a hundred production locations worldwide. The listed concern has divided its activities into two divisions: metal and glass packaging.

Deventer is the location of one of the largest factories of the Ardagh concern (Metal division), where over one billion cans and over 2 billion lids are produced for the food industry every year. (For the production of these cans, steel with a total weight of 13 Eiffel Towers is being processed every year. Put in a row, these cans are as long as two turns around the globe.) The cans, that are produced in Deventer, are sold everywhere in the world.

Jan de Bruin is the factory director of the factory in Deventer, where around 400 FTEs are employed (300 in production and 100 in supporting services). De Bruin knows the company inside out. Starting out in a controller function, he moved on to production in 1996 and has been a factory director since 2009. Several acquisitions have made the company ready for the future, such as the advanced production line that presses cans out of one part of metal. “We are very aware of our social responsibility, such as the safety of our staff and the health of consumers. We are part of the food chain. That means that we are subjected to strict tests and comply with the BRC/IOP norm for packing food. In addition, all our resources have been FDA-approved (FDA – U.S. Food & Drug Administration),” says De Bruin.

Recycling, sustainability, innovation

Ardagh actively takes on its responsibility to treat its resources in a sustainable manner. “We want to keep complying with the customer demand by delivering innovative and sustainable products for a fair price,” says Jan de Bruin. We waste as little as possible in our production process and, additionally, the can packaging is sustainable in itself. The cans have endless recycling possibilities and are therefore officially a permanent material. Besides, the Netherlands are masters at recycling. Over 93% of all cans are melted down to new steel, which can be used for another can or a bike or another metal object.

Innovating is a constant factor, such as lids with a part that sticks out, so it can be pulled of easily and cans than can be beautifully shaped with the use of air pressure. Innovations often require more time and thorough testing than you had imagined. It also creates chances in a market that is constantly changing.

Export countries
Ardagh is active worldwide.