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Bicycle Industry Group-BIG Bicycles

Jan Hafkamp and Alma de Weerd have built a beautiful company in Deventer, where they design, produce and sell bikes. Hllandia and Rivel are their bike brands for consumers, of which Rivel is only available through specialised dealers.

In the Netherlands, one million bicycles are sold annually. 600,000 are sold through retail and 400,000 are sold through channels outside the sector. The number of bikes purchases online is increasing. Is this disastrous for retail, as it results in declining margins and thus profits? Maybe there are just as many new opportunities. Placing one or more brands then ensures a balanced marketing strategy. Hafkamp: “We decided on a multi-branding and multi-channel strategy. This way, we are capable of marketing our pioneering brands Hollandia and Rivel, and to offer private label brands as well. In addition, we can offer good margins to retailers.” 

Rivel, founded in 1948, is the brand that was taken over by BIG in 2014. The entrepreneurship of Jan Hafkamp and Alma de WEerd has led to the introduction of new Rivel series. The e-bikes stand out because of its nearly silent motor, powerful battery and design. It is a great bike for a small price. In the ANWB bicycle tests (2017), the Rivel e-bikes scored a 7.7 on average. BIG is very happy with that.

Holland bicycle land
One of the first export products that comes to mind when thinking of the Netherlands is a bike. Good quality and reliable. With Hollandia, BIG is  a big player on the international bicycle market. Hollandia is exported worldwide by distributors in several countries.

Bikes from Deventer!
In 2017, the tin bike was developed. It was a collaboration between Ardagh, BIG and AH supermarkets in order to produce in a sustainable way, during which 1000 bikes were handed out for free.

The future?
The mobility problem is of big importance. Busy roads and traffic jams will motivate more people to use an e-bike. Young people will start buying e-bikes too, and that will result in new innovations. Bikes from Deventer! Those you want.

Export countries
Belgium Germany England from Deventer. 

Distributors in: Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Austria and Spain 
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United States