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Bosgoed Holding

Bosgoed Holding

How can you build a small empire with curtain rails and subfloors? Henk and Dana Bosgoed did it. Thinking forty years ahead, investing and taking risks makes their company Bosgoed Holding a global player today. And that with products that you can't even see or hear when you use them right: curtain rails and subfloors to reduce noise. Their companies Forest Group and Unifloor have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, China, USA and the United Arab Emirates and all fall under Bosgoed Holding. The daily management of the companies is in the hands of general director Gerco Morsink. 

Henk Bosgoed: "Our export managers travel all around the world. We deliver in 84 countries and in the countries where we have an office, we distribute ourselves. In addition, marketing is done through wholesales, retailers and project developers." The marketing is not only focused on private homes, but especially on hotels, offices, health care facilities and cruise ships. The development and production of systems for curtain rails is entirely in the hands of Forest Group. The same goes for the other branch of the Holding, the noise-reducing subfloors by Unifloor, with about 40 different variants of it. A new product is first fully developed and tested before it goes into production and is launched onto the market. 

The foreign offices are sister companies and operate - within the business objectives - entirely independently. In total about 250 people are working for Bosgoed Holding companies, both directly and indirectly. For the production the company makes use of, among others, sheltered employment. It might be a great company now, but the drive to expand remains. "It was then time to sow, now it is time to harvest With the network that we have all built, we see plenty of opportunities, for example in South America."

Export countries

Offices in Germany, Poland, China, Dubai, United States.
Exports to 84 countries worldwide.