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Creating Business Oppertunities (CBO)

Creating Business Opportunities (CBO)

CBO was founded by Christa Pieffers in 2010. CBO supports SMEs who want to start exporting or are already active internationally. By doing market research abroad, but also with practical support, such as looking for partners, distributors or agents. It actually does not matter which sector a company works in. Together they will see whether the product and the working method is also applicable or can be made applicable abroad.

As advisor for the Starters International Business Program, DBO supports companies who want to become active internationally. It is a fully subsidised trajectory, in which a shortened export plan is created together with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are supported in building contacts abroad. This could be done by using the ambassador network of the government. It is very nice to see how companies actually become successful abroad.

CBO mainly has knowledge and experience in Germany, England, Belgium, Scandinavia, China and the United States. Many Dutch companies initially look at the surrounding countries. Germany is an interesting market for many companies. There are definitely opportunities there, but Scandinavia can also be very interesting. China requires more time, and lately, companies have become somewhat more careful towards the US.

Since 2017, Christa Pieffers has been the export coordinator for MKB Deventer. In this role, she work on a range of international activities for the companies who are a member of MKB Deventer. Every year, we organise a number of export drinks, where companies who are or want to become internationally active are informed about export and everything that comes with it. This happens in close collaboration with the Rabobank, so we stay well aware of financial developments, financing possibilities and the international payment system. In addition, we organise meetings about specific themes or focused on specific countries. CBO works from the Factory in Deventer.

Export countries
Belgium, Germany, England, Scandinavia,
China and the United States