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Edgar van der Kroef has worked in logistics his entire life. That is why he has a large network and knows exactly how you can distribute shipments well, cheaply and quickly around Europe. Edgar said: “Many companies pay way too much for their transport or it could happen better and quicker for the same amount of money. As a transport agent, I help companies to acquire cheaper and better transport."

Edgar takes care of the European (road) transport for around 70 customers. This varies from several pallets to Germany to the complete logistics of 1600 containers over roads and water every year. The customers vary from producers of agricultural machines to traders that import and export at European level. Edgar: “Trading is Dutch people’s blood. We’ve also got a good reputation for it: agreed is agreed. This good reputation is also true for the road transport. It is not without reason that 1/3 part of the European transport is in Dutch hands.”

Expert in waste

Edgar has also caught the trading bug. Eksped buys recyclable waste in several different countries and organises the transport and the sale to processors of waste in other countries. “Not every country has a good processor in its own country for rare types of waste. We make sure that the demand and offer for specialist waste are brought together.” This includes a large number of types of waste: chemical waste, regular waste, plastic to dangerous substances. Eksped works with a lot of waste from cosmetics giant L’Oréal, for example.

Edgar now works on a big contract for the purchase of old, non-usable carpets from the United Kingdom with a stopover in Genemuiden to Poland. In the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, this is considered to be waste, but the Polish can use it for their cement ovens. There, the fibres from the carpets are used to make building blocks. The contract covers 30,000 tons a year, which are 5 to 10 trucks every day.

Growth in Poland

Edgar is enthusiastic about Poland. The country is developing quickly and especially agriculture is modernising fast. That means that there are big export opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs over there, for which Eksped would love to organise all transport.

Export Countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia