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Interactive Blueprints

Interactive Blueprints

In 2011, Michel Otterloo, Jan Willems and Rutger-Jan Loenen decided to work together and started their company Interactive Blueprints. This company develops software products with the purpose to help organisations and the people who work for them to work in a smarter, simpler and more pleasant way. This has succeeded. After seven years, the company has 20 employees and has opened sales offices in London and Gottingen (Germany).

The new way of working Interactive Blueprints has three products. The first product, FlexWhere, was developed as a useful tool for organisations that have adopted the new way of working. With this tool, employees can find a free workplace or meeting room on their mobile phones and other devices. They can also easily find their colleagues inside the building. The product provides insight into occupancy rates, which will help the facility management to use spaces in a sustainable way. With this product, Interactive Blueprints is market leader in the Benelux. They aim to also start selling FlexWhere in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Building Sector The second and third product are ED Controls and QR Controls have been developed for the building sector. Loenen: “Michiel’s and my own roots are there. We have experienced that the communication between the executers and the many subcontractors on the construction sites could be simpler and more effective. That is why we have developed ED Controls. By using the app, the executor can simply give instructions or indicate a construction error (so-called tickets) by marking a drawing. He can add the photo and then enter the email address of the subcontractor. The subcontractor will then receive the ticket via the system, will perform the ticket, and will sign off the ticket when he has finished. The executor will receive an alert that the work has been done, can check the work and can archive the ticket when he is satisfied.”

They have a total of over 20,000 building projects, 45,000 users of the system and nearly 3,500,000 tickets have been made.

Loenen explains the third product QR Controls: “There are regulations on the way for the construction sector that make it increasingly important to focus on quality assurance and risk management. The system offers a completely automated support system of quality assurance in projects.”

Interactive Blueprints grows fast. By focusing on the United Kingdom, Germany and, on the short-term, Scandinavia and Poland, the turnover will increase more.

Export Countries: Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom