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MKB Deventer

Deventer export champions, partly thanks to SME Deventer!


SME Deventer!

SME Deventer is a business association of over 1,200 small and medium-sizes enterprises in Deventer. It is the largest local business association of the country. Its activities vary and include: lobbying, network improvement and the development of future-resistant entrepreneurship. We stimulate our members’ entrepreneurship through the programs / services below, namely: Ecommerce & renewing business models, Personnel- and procurement benefits, sustainability and export stimulation of members.

In addition to an active board, SME Deventer also has its own executive agency that executes the association’s large number of activities with and for its members.

SME Export drink

Since 2015, SME Deventer has been organising the export drink for its members who operate internationally three times a year. This is a collaboration with Rabobank Salland. During these meetings, many successful matches have already been made and a lot of work on export stimulation through local collaboration has been done. Both for companies who already export and companies who had not been doing so yet. In our own SME Magazine, our members can read the reports of the export drinks and the spinoffs they lead to.

Digital Deventer export channel

At www.exportdeventer.nl, you will find all six continents online. On the maps, you can see to which countries Deventer companies export their products and services. By clicking on a country, you can see which Deventer companies export to these countries. It might surprise you to how many countries the most unexpected companies export. Be inspired to expand your sales area abroad. In this database and the 2nd export book are over 170 Deventer export champions.

Export book Made in Deventer!

SME Deventer is the initiator of this book. The contents of this book can also be found on www.exportdeventer.nl. Online, the data are kept up-to-date in case of any changes.

Partner of province of Overijssel for export activities

SME Deventer is the proud partner of the province of Overijssel for the organisation and implementation of its export activities. Through the portals built by us: go4export.nl and go4export.com, all activities from the provincial program Go4export are listed. What is special is that there is room for 1,000 export profiles of companies from Overijssel and since recently also Gelderland in the portals. The contents of this book are already in there!

More information about the ambitious SME Deventer can be found on our website www.mkbdeventer.nl.

Harold Viscaal, proud chairman SME Deventer