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Mister Hungary

Mister Hungary

Mister Hungary is what Máté Csik calls himself when stimulating trade contacts between the Netherlands and Hungary, his country of origin. Máté was born in 1984 in Székesfehérvár in Hungary and came to the Netherlands in 2006. After several commercial jobs in paid employment, he founded his own company in 2015: International Network Mate.

In this company, Máté provides several services. Commissioned by Hungary’s Tourist Service, Máté brings Hungary to the attention of Dutch people by using social media and organising several different meetings, where he gives presentations. Máté: “When I go somewhere wearing traditional Hungarian clothes and I present myself as Mister Hungary, I always get attention.”

Diversity in company research “I travel with Dutch companies that want to build contacts and look for export opportunities in Hungary. My job does not only include translating – Hungarian is a very difficult language for many people – but I am also a businessman. I find out who is the best person to contact when I am there. Several companies in Deventer are part of my clientele,” Mats says proudly.

Together with representatives of a sports and wellness centre, Máté has travelled to Budapest and the east of Hungary to visit bathhouses. After all, Hungary has a long tradition when it comes to baths, sources and wellness and companies in this sector are always looking for the newest trends in the field of wellness.

Máté also organises business visits in other fields. There is a lot of interest in purchasing, renovating and selling real estate in Hungary and in Budapest in particular.

Promising Máté sees many opportunities for trade contracts between the Netherlands and his country of origin. Several Dutch companies are considering outsourcing their IT to Hungary. There is also demand for Hungarian personnel from Dutch companies, considering the scarcity on the labour market. The first placement are on their way.

In addition to stimulating export between both countries, Máté remains involved in the touristic promotion of Hungary. For example, he maps out all touristic highlights for RentSeeDo.com’s digital reservation platform.

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