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Polteq is market leader in the field of software testing and testing trainings in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its main office is in Amersfoort. There are five other locations in the Netherlands and one in Leuven, Belgium. A total number of 170 employees work at Polteq. Polteq opened a location is Deventer in 2016 where 15 employees work.

Regional and international
Polteq supports companies in optimising their software products and other products. These include internet applications, ERP and other back office applications. The testing for their customers usually takes place on-site. Polteq focuses on the regional level. They prefer to have their employees work with customers in their own region. This creates a connection between customers and the organisation and ensures that the company fits the customers’ cultures.

In addition, Polteq also works at international level. The acquired knowledge of and experience with new developments and technologies in the field of software development and testing is used to train their own personnel. The company has set up a training department for this purpose. Sharing knowledge is one of Polteq’s core values. The specialist testing courses and trainings have not only educated and trained their own employees but also those of their customers.

Energy app
Polteq’s customers are very diverse. The majority are SMEs. These are ICT and software companies, but also their end users, such as retail, banks and insurance companies. One of these customers is Bosch Nefit. A recent innovation by Bosch Nefit is the Nefit Easy, a remote-controlled home thermostat. With an app, the user can control the heater on their mobile phone. It was a challenge to make sure that this was possible with every type of mobile device. Thanks to Polteq, they succeeded.

Qualitative growth
The aim is to grow in terms of quality. Sales Manager Frans van As explains: “We want to stay the best. Then growth will happen naturally. We see more and more of our customers following the agile method, in which multi-disciplinary development teams work on software products and other products together. These teams more and more often include our software testers. This saves our customers a lot of time and money and more importantly: it improves the quality of the product. Therefore, we are very positive about the future. We expect our location in Deventer to grow to around 25 to 30 people during the coming years.”

Export countries
Belgium, Germany, United States, China