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Rosa Maseda


Bags in many shapes and sizes. Simplicity. Leather in shades of brown, grey, green and black. Handmade, developed from a creative brain. A bag, an object, that suits every clothing style. These are just a few characteristics that are immediately noticeable upon entering Rosa Maseda’s store on the Kleine Overstraat in Deventer. 

A designer who’s creative, business-like, and one with her products. Rosa started her bag label ‘ROSA MASEDA’ in 2009. She has invested everything in her company from the outset. This includes all development, funding of small productions elsewhere in Europe, marketing campaigns and of course the many trade fair visits in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy. 

Since 2013, Rosa has been located in Deventer. In 2017, Rosa moved to a larger building in the Kleine Overstraat. The new building offers more space for her bag collection. The studio in the back of the store offers more possibilities to work on her collection. All bags in the store are designed by Rosa. The bags are well-developed and tested for sustainability. During the interview, many different women walk into the store. Sometimes briefly considering the price, but eventually leaving the store with a beautiful bag!

Sustainable Dutch cowhide
Leather in natural tones. Sourced cowhide from Dutch tanneries. Maseda: “This way I can ensure sustainable production and preparation of high-quality leather.” Through investments, the relations with tanneries have been strongly developed, so Maseda can benefit from special skins in limited editions.

Organic growth
Maseda strikes a good balance between creativity and professionalism. The bags are minimalistic. Maseda is often visited at fairs by various major players in the bag industry. The bag draws attention! Maseda is a recognised leather company for professionals, where small productions for third parties can be realised. Rosa is ready for the next step to grow her business. The web shop offers new growth possibilities. Plans to expand and open up new outlets in England, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France are ready-made. In 2018, Germany will be the first export country with its own branch. Perhaps the export network will lead Rosa into a new direction!

Export countries
Germany, England, Austria and Switzerland