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Roto Smeets

Roto Smeets

Roto Smeets’ history in Deventer goes back to 1931. Roto Smeets is now part of Circle Media Group and falls within the division North West Europe (CMG NWE). Circle Media Group is a leading European graphic media group with a turnover of €550 million and 2,700 employees. Roto Smeets Deventer has 330 employees. The business is a strong, innovative and reliable partner for its customers in the service fields ‘Strategy, Content & Data Insights’, ‘Magazines & Retail printing’ and ‘Books printing’ and focuses on further growth.

Unique in gravure printing

Roto Smeets Deventer is specialised in the printing of large print runs. It is the only printing business left in the Netherlands that works according to the special gravure printing procedure. This is especially suitable for print runs from around 200,000 pieces. Remarkable is that Roto Smeets produces everything in-house according to the concept “one roof operation”. Plant manager Kamal Charrat: “We do not only print, but also take care of the cutting, binding, sealing and preparing to be sent for delivery.”

In 2017, the annual production was 128 kilotons of paper. This is around 2,5 times the circumference of the globe. Around one fourth of the production consists of magazines and weekly papers for the Dutch market and one fourth is Dutch advertising printing. The other half originates from abroad. Roto Smeets is interesting for many foreign customers. The production has been automated nearly completely, the delivery reliability is very high and price-wise, printing is very competitive.

The turnover share from export is growing. The benefit is that in countries such as Germany and France, it often concerns larger print runs. Roto Smeets prints 32 million catalogues (around 11 kilotons) for a German furniture company. The largest print run grave printing business Roto Smeets every delivered was 40 million.


The vision is to become and remain a top 20 European media company on the basis of turnover with a diverse offer of (digital) media possibilities. Roto Smeets Deventer will have an important share in this. Kamal: “We have invested significantly in our personnel and machinery. This pays off in a high performance in the printing process. We particularly see growth opportunities in France and Germany. In terms of price, we are similar or even cheaper, despite the distance and transport costs. We make the difference with our speed, delivery reliability and a good listening ear to what the customer wants.”

Export countries Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France and Sweden.