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Saxion Export Center

Saxion Export Center

The Saxion Export Center (short: SEC) opens doors to international trade for college students. Its intensive contacts with SMEs in the East of the Netherlands is an essential part in this.



College institution Saxion’s policy is focused on intensifying the collaboration with business life in the East of the Netherlands. This collaboration is shaped in many ways, for which the students’ efforts are of course essential.


Saxion Export Center (SEC)

One of the initiatives in the collaboration with business life is the SEC. For SMEs who want to start focussing internationally or are wrestling with questions with regard to export, but do not know where to start or how to proceed, contacting SEC is a good idea!


Preserve knowledge and talent!

The SEC has several initiatives in which students get into contact with international problems of entrepreneurs. Its core consists of two programs: the Export Development Program (short: EDP) and the Cross Border Talent (short: CBT). In contrast to the EDP, the CBT only focuses on 1 country, namely Germany. When the student graduates, he/she can apply for one of the two programs. When found suitable, he/she is offered the possibility to execute a challenging international graduation assignment by order of a company in the Apeldoorn region. Subsequent to the graduation assignment, the student will, when graduated, bring the recommendations of the research into practice as an export trainee. Thanks to this program, the student is active for a company for one year (6 months graduating and 6 months trainee phase). Dozens of companies have participated in the EDP during recent years, and it turned out that 40% of the trainees have found a job within the same company after completion of the trainee phase. Valuable international knowledge and experience therefore remain in place for the company and the region!



For all your questions regarding the program of the SEC mentioned above, please contact:

International Business School

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