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Arjan Glimmerveen designed fashion collections for international brands for years. In 2010, he started as an entrepreneur with his own fashion brand SussKind. The design, production and distribution of his fashion collection Susskind is done from the head office in Deventer. Susskind is a real family business where not only Arjan, but also his wife, son and daughter work. Susskind has its own Flag Store in Gorssel.

The fashion collection is aimed at women of 40+. The style is classic and casual. The colours are basic and can therefore always be combined. The focus is on the right fit, high comfort and quality. Each collection features about 120 items in forty different styles. The production takes place in Portugal. SussKind supplies 700 independent fashion stores in the Netherlands and 13 other countries. 40% of the turnover comes from abroad.

Arjan is proud of the rapid growth that has been achieved with its own brand. Originally, the business idea was to design collections and sell them to the customer by means of a private label. "The first client could not think of a good name and then we figured SussKind. It was a great success and we started using the name shortly after", Arjan says, laughing. The breakthrough came immediately after the start of the company. At a German fair, SussKind presented a new product: the T-shirt blouse. It is a T-shirt with different types of blouse collars. It was the hit of the fair with concrete orders from 80 new customers.

SussKind expects further growth abroad. Southern Germany is still a blind spot; calls are routed to an agent who is going to approach this market. SussKind is also in conversation with potential agents for the Belgian market.

Export countries

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Switzerland, Canada and Kazakhstan.