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Tulip Consultancy International

Tulip Consultancy International

Tulip Consultancy International (TCI) is an international consultancy and trading agency, founded in 1997 by the three Gulsen brothers. They started as a translation agency for businesses, but quickly added export consultancy and internationalisation of companies to their services. The specialisation of TCI focuses on Turkey and its surrounding countries. TCI offers translation services for all languages ​​of the world. For the most common languages, it uses a fixed pool of native translators. In addition, TCI has a pool of thousands of native speakers. Another branch of the agency is export promotion. TCI takes care of the canvassing, provides assistance in choosing business partners and regulates the legal process. The establishment of companies is a strong part of TCI. ‘Protective Legal Services' is a distinct feature, especially in the start-up phase of a company abroad. Since 2016, TCI has also had its own trade department. Contact in the Middle East regularly ask for consumer products ‘Made in Europe’. For this purpose, TCI has created a separate trade department that provides in these needs. Arman Ercan Gulsen is proud of TCI’s excellent reputation with their relations. Arman Ercan: “Unfortunately, we still have to pick up the pieces when exporting to Turkey and neighbouring countries because companies often think it is easier than it really is. We are extra proud when we can make it work thanks to our large network and personal approach.”

Dutch Trading Concepts

There were so many requests for the trade department that TCI has started collaborating with multiple experts. Under the name Dutch Trading Concepts, they market their services and approach the market together.

DTC is contacted by customers worldwide through its large network to put innovative and sustainable products or services on the market in the focus countries. This is a dual process, which means that from the focus countries jobs also come in for the European market. Together with the client, it is determined which kind of collaboration will be used.

Export ambition

TCI expects to grow significantly thanks to its trade department. So far, the Middle East has ordered many items in China, but they will increasingly return back to quality goods. There is an increasing demand for ‘Made in Europe’.

Export countries                              

TCI Translation and Interpreting services: worldwide to and from all languages.

Trade department & Export consultancy: Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Albania, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, India and South America and the former Turkish-speaking Soviet Republics such as Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and Turkmenistan.