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VVV Deventer

VVV Deventer

VVV Deventer is a full-service events agency which markets Deventer and the area Salland to many thousands of visitors: companies and individuals. VVV Deventer employs 12 individuals and 45 city guides. The product of VVV Deventer is unique. Deventer is one of the Netherlands’ oldest cities. IN 2018, Deventer will have existed for 1250 years! Its location next to the ‘IJssel’ and the historical character make sure Deventer has a lot to offer to both inhabitants and visitors. More and more tourists visit and appreciate Deventer and surroundings. Renowned events such as Deventer op Stelten, the book market and the Dickens Festijn attract many tourists to Deventer. With the use of digital media as part of Deventer’s city marketing, the events attract many visitors 365 days a year.

Not just tourists visit Deventer, also many foreign relations of the business world in Deventer come to visit. Many companies from Deventer use the city actively in their relations management of their guests. VVV reacts to this with special arrangements and multilingual city guides for example.  VVV Deventer actively participates in the annual international Hanseatic days, and promotes Deventer. For foreign marketing there is a cooperation with Hanze Marketing, together with the Hanseatic cities along the IJssel. In the guide ‘The Netherlands’ by Lonely Planet, Deventer is named one of the ten highlights in the Netherlands.

Dickens Festijn

The Dickens Festijn has grown to be an internationally renowned event. The event is visited by 125 buses from Germany and dozens of buses from Belgium, France and Great Britain, among others.

Hanseatic Deventer

The business world in Deventer has always been quite international, because of the Hanseatic history. The last few years more and more companies are going international and exporting firms are expanding their international contacts. This also creates growth for VVV. A new growth market is China. The Randstad becomes more crowded with tourists and the tourists want to look further than that. Deventer is very attractive in that case. A first step to enter the Chinese market is the assignment of Chinese city guides.


Export countries

Belgium, France and Germany are the most important countries.