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VADAC is specialised in technical accessories for caravans, campers and boats. Since the company was founded in 1997, entrepreneur Marco van Rooijen has been looking for solution-oriented products. They aim to develop products that surprise consumers. Whether this concerns product improvements or entirely new products, the goal is always a distinctive product in which user comfort, quality and longevity come first.

VADAC is market leader in the field of fully automatic satellite receivers for motor homes and caravans. Other products for this industry are caravan air conditioning, caravan movers, electrical floor heating, locks, wheel clamps and mattress covers. For boats, VADAC features a range of locks, an outboard trolley and boat covers. In terms of product development, the company is not standing still. A new type of outboard trolley has been developed for VADAC. Marco: “The new trolley is better and also has a lighter weight. We have been capable of reducing the weight from seven to four kilos.”

A new target group is the transport sector. VADAC has been developing special locks for securing trailers. Irish trucks are already equipped with its own lock brand: PowerLock. What is great is that these are produced by social workplace Sallcon in Deventer. In Europe, over 250,000 trailers are built without lock every year, which means opportunities for the company. The first 2,000 trailers have already been equipped with the PowerLock.

Marco is proud of several things. "The outboard trolley developed in-house has become a major success and has become a household name in water sports in recent years.” By strongly focusing on unique and distinctive products linked to their own brand identity, VADAC is becoming increasingly better at taking in a relevant market position.

VADAC expects to be able to grow in exporting its products in particular. On the domestic market, the products have become mature and are now ready to go international. The coming years, major progress will be made in all aspects to achieve this.

Export countries

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Russia, Singapore and Turkey.