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Twan and Dianne Diebels have been the owners of the promotional gifts company since 2001. In addition to, is a trade name for the promotional gifts they provide. Along with the changing economy, the turning point happened in 2010. A service-oriented company that offers its products through catalogues becomes an e-commerce company. All products are offered online, which makes changes, offers etc. instantly available through the internet.

Coordinating with suppliers and finding the right structure for the database has had significant impact. Various suppliers have to collectively comply with the metadata that is stored in xml codes, which safeguards the uniqueness of a product. Eventually, it produced the desired efficiency. The files are synchronised in various online stores every night. Because of the synchronisation, the latest products are available every day, stocks are updated, and price changes are implemented in all systems. The online stores are up to date for customers. 

The global economy is developing in such a way that Twan, too, is asking himself many questions about the future of his company. The Netherlands is small and exporting products provides new opportunities. Diebels has taken its first steps this year to serve the Belgian market. The turnover results from this export look promising. Twan: “This gives our company options and opportunities to put the focus on other countries within Europe.” With their experience in stock management and transport, they also established a fulfilment service for third parties in 2016. From their warehouse, Diebels provides stock management and ships goods for companies. New opportunities that offer options for the future.


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