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DOVIDEQ medical

DOVIDEQ medical

DOVIDEQ Medical, the innovative company of Bert Dommerholt and Menno de Braak, was founded in 2011. The company now has ten employees and operates at the crossroads of measurement technology and medicine. Dovideq manufactures measuring instruments for the quality assessment of endoscopes used in keyhole surgery. 

Dovideq was world's first to develop an endoscope tester, the ScopeControl. With this, the quality of rigid endoscopes can be tested, improving the overall quality of care in the operating room. Research on Dutch operating rooms shows that 4% of the endoscopes does not function properly. In other countries, the percentage of malfunctioning endoscopes is even higher - up to 10%. Testing the endoscopes is simple and provides all information necessary. Defects are detected immediately and the endoscope can be sent for repairs. Quality for a patient comes first! And of course the cost savings for the OR team that costs on average 2.000 to 4.000 euro per hour. 

At the end of 2016, DOVIDEQ launched a light-guide cable tester. This addition was an immediate success!

For the future, the in-house developed Cloud platform “Endoscopemanager”, where all measured data in the world are collected, will be of the utmost importance. It provides customers with full control over their inventory and DOVIDEQ with insight into which endoscopes of which brands are sold where, how many there are and how their quality compare to those of competitors. DOVIDEQ has developed an excellent product and therefore they won the Young Technology Award, MKB Export award, Shell Live Wire award and the National Health Care Innovation award.


DOVIDEQ highly values its collaborative partners in the region. Demcon in Enschede produces the ScopeControls and Global Electronics in Haaksbergen makes the GuideControls.

Export Ambition

Trade contracts are mainly made through fairs, an important fair is Medica. In the meantime, DOVIDEQ has become very succesful in its focus areas the Netherlands, Germany and America, but the products are used nearly everywhere in the world. Big things are expected from South Africa and the Middle East. In 2018, a breakthrough it expected over there.

At the moment, the Research & Development department works hard on new innovations.

Export Countries

Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, USA, Israel, Middle East and more!