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Prodes Internet partner

Prodes Internet partner

Prodes Internet Partner is an internet firm located in the centre of Deventer and with a second location in The Hague. Prodes believes in the power of Open Source Software (OSS) and super specialisation. This is what Prodes wants to be the best at! The team consists of 6 people. In addition, Prodes has a flexible pool of specialised freelancers who work with Prodes’ team on project basis. 

Prodes provides all types of solutions in the area of websites, web shops and web applications. Prodes is specialised in WordPress and Laravel. In addition, Prodes has found a gap in market of web solutions for cheap websites starting at 50 euros a month and quality solutions starting at 10,000 euros. The in-house developed platform offers a solution for this. It offers nearly the same performances as the “expensive” systems, but is much cheaper.

Prodes executes projects worldwide. "Prodes is now active in Ghana and its largest insurance company. With partner Interpay, we are going to make it possible to make an insurance contract online in Ghana for the very first time. This will soon go online", says entrepreneur Patrick Wilson. The first job in America was also special. Developing and building the website of the Dutch COC in Florida. Through the large network that is connected to this, follow-up orders are coming in.

For a German transport company, Prodes is working on automating the entire transport process of boxes of fresh meat. Currently, the process is not efficient enough and packing lists happen to get missing. This will soon all be automated, including a track & trace system.

Export ambition

Prodes expects further growth in America. The first client contacts have shown that there is still a big open market. "In the Netherlands, we are much more advanced when it comes to the Internet, and we work cheaper". Additionally, the punctuality and deal mentality of Prodes is very much appreciated by the Americans.

Wilson also sees opportunities for the self-developed platform abroad. Wilson: “For many systems we use in the Netherlands, many countries are not ready yet. Our system works perfectly for these countries. An example of such a country is Australia. I lived there for years, and through my contacts we are going to launch our platform there now.”

Export countries

Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, Suriname, Australia and United States.