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Provincie Overijssel

Working on work, also across the border!

SMEs are the driving force for jobs in Overijssel. Together with our partners, entrepreneurs and inhabitants, we are working on a strong Overijssel economy with a lot of employment. This means taking care of attractive settlement conditions, an innovative and competitive business life, a good connection between the labour market and education and a well-functioning free time economy.

Internationally active companies grow faster in the field of employment, the offered jobs have a higher labour productivity, are more constant and add more value for each job. Strengthening the regional economy is one of the most important objectives of the province of Overijssel.

In order to increase the competitive power of SMEs, the province of Overijssel is investing, among others, in internationalisation and cross-border collaboration. The goal? Increase the number of SMEs that have export ambitions and set up and execute plans. One tool to achieve this is the GO4EXPORT program with which SMEs can realise their international ambitions.

Together with representatives of business life and education in the province, we take measures that help SMEs to make that first step across the border. By facilitating in trade missions, for example, many companies in Overijssel have already been put in the position to do business with companies abroad. One of the challenges is to connect the SMEs within Overijssel with each other, so entrepreneurs exchange international experiences with each other and start taking action together. This export book by SME Deventer is the perfect example of internationalising together. By putting a face to the exporting companies and sharing their knowledge and experience, other SMEs are motivated to consider the possibilities across the border.

Eddy van Hijum

Deputy Economy, province of Overijssel