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RM Sanitair B.V. | Looox B.V.

RM Sanitair B.V. | Looox B.V.

RM Sanitair and Looox are young, dynamic organisations that design, develop, produce and trade sanitary related products.

“In a short time, we have grown to be a business-to-business designer, developer, distributer, importer and private label specialist,” says director Remco Muiderman. Every day, the goods are produced, assembled and delivered to wholesalers that have an affinity related to the sector, from the office in Deventer.

Muiderman: “Over time, the customers have become market partners, and there is a lot of mutual trust. We do not aim for any short-lived relationships for our collaboration between RM Sanitair and Looox. Speed is our strength because we operate with compact teams.”

The core assortment consists of Easy Drain and Looox. For every type of bathroom and for every instalment situation, RM Sanitair has the right Easy Drain shower channel available. Additionally, they produce their own sanitary brand Looox. The Looox assortment consists of oak bathroom furniture, mirrors, useful accessories and more.

Lastly, the company delivers private labels in glass walls, among others. Bathrooms for residencies, homes and hotels have been furnished with the help of their balanced assortment.


Export ambition

Expand the complete assortment, and launch trade brands Easy Drain and Looox on more markets abroad.


Export countries: whole of Europe